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Cisco Annual Security Report

The Cisco® Annual Security Report provides an overview of the combined security intelligence of the entire Cisco organization. The report encompasses threat information and trends collected between January and December 2010. It also provides a snapshot of the state of security for that period, with special attention paid to key security trends expected for 2011. [...]

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Malaysia to join Global Cyber Security Alliance

The National Information Technology Council (NITC) will be joining the Global Cyber Security Alliance (GCSA) as a platform to share information on national cyber security with member countries. Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, said membership in the GCSA was open to all Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation countries, Asean [...]

Experts say cooperation needed to counter cyber threats

  BEIJING – The international community should join hands to deal with growing threats to computer security, as attacks by hackers have become a worldwide concern, Chinese security experts suggested. A recently released US report highlighted an unprecedented series of cyber attacks on more than 72 organizations worldwide, including the United Nations, the International Olympic [...]

U.S. Agents, an Aerial Snoop and Teams of Hackers

WHY are federal agents hobnobbing with hackers? Defcon, a convention of computer hackers here, was crawling with them on Friday. They smiled, shook hands, handed out business cards, spoke on a panel called “Meet the Federal Agent 2.0” and were really, really nice. Naturally, federal agents have been hanging out at hacker gatherings for years [...]

Cybersecurity: past, present and future

“An insider who’s gone bad can do more damage to your network than almost any hacker can do from the outside,” says Dr Paul Nielsen, director and chief executive officer of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The insider threat is just one of the fundamentals of security that we hear about on Patch Monday this [...]

Microsoft offers cash to combat cyber attacks

SOFTWARE giant Microsoft has kicked off a contest aimed at turning the tables on hackers, as China was accused of mounting a five-year hacking operation in which industrial and national secrets were stolen on an unprecedented scale. Microsoft’s plans, launched at a computer security conference in Las Vegas, include prizes for innovative tactics to foil [...]

Steps to ensure child security online

Today, the Internet surrounds every aspect of our lives. From how we manage our banking accounts to how we connect with friends and family, the Internet is at the center of our activities.